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"We have become supporters of Marco Island Academy, the public charter high school on the island because it offers high quality,

skill-based academic programs of study focused on Science, Technology, Environment, and Communications. Students develop important

skill-sets such as Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Communication Skills in Writing and Public Speaking and how to work in a Team environment.  These skill-sets are important whether the graduate moves on to a University,

Career College or the workplace. 


The Academy completes Marco Island’s K-12 offerings. A high quality local K-12 school system is so important in attracting young professionals with families who aspire to gain employment in one of the island’s hospitality service industry companies - hotels, restaurants, fishing, boating or other service-oriented businesses. 


The staff and faculty at Marco Island Academy devote significant attention to each student, not only in a classroom environment but in the Academy’s various athletic programs, student clubs and personal mentoring. This close interaction between students, faculty, and staff contributes toward assisting incoming freshmen to blossom by the time they become graduating seniors. 


We are very proud of Marco Island Academy and look forward to continuing supporting the Academy as it 'graduates to a new permanent campus'.  We hope you will join us in the Capital Campaign to build a permanent campus. "

Rene & Tish Champagne


"The city of Marco Island has a beautiful gem in the Marco Island Academy High School. Doug and I are honored to share with you our support for this educational environment that provides outstanding academic challenges, but offers as well a well rounded curricular for athletics, music, and the arts with a staff that encourages their students to act responsibly, to build character, and to become good citizens in the adult communities they will eventually live and work in.

Doug and I firmly believe that education is the door to the future success we want for our future generations and want to encourage the residents

(both full and part-time) of Marco Island to commit your support to this gem the Marco Island Academy. Your help will enable this next generation to achieve their success and leave this educational environment to make an honorable mark on the society they are part of.” 

Doug and Margaret DeCamp


When we moved to Marco Island and became residents in 2013,

we sought out ways we could support our new community. Our focus has generally been directed towards helping children.

We were encouraged to look at MIA and we are so glad we did.


Against great odds, MIA was established and has produced incredible results with their students in academics, citizenship, and character. We are delighted to be able to assist in grooming these young people as leaders in an ever difficult world.” 

Steve and Charlotte Garske


"Dinos and I feel that giving back to a society that gave so much to our family is not only our duty but our obligation.   Education was a central ingredient to our success along with hard work.   We see no better way to support education than through our donation to the Marco Island Academy and the kids who are willing to work hard for their future.  A permanent and secure campus will give these kids pride to say Marco Island Academy is where it all started.”

Constantine and Marianne Iordanou

Sharon Lockwood Head Shot.jpg

In beginning my role as General Manager of the JW Marriott Marco Island, I was fortunate to be able to assume participation as a Board member for Marco Island Academy.  In my past General Manager roles, I was involved with the Hospitality High Charter School in Washington, DC and clearly understand the value and need of charter public schools within the community.


I quickly understood how special MIA is to not only to our community of Marco Island but also for Collier County students.  MIA offers a wonderful option to those students who are looking for a more personalized educational experience than alternate local public schools.  The option of acceptance at MIA is important for many students in this county, including the children of our JW Marriott associates who live and work here.

In my first visit to the school, I was amazed at the commitment of the administration and teachers to create a best in class environment for these students in their current temporary structures.   I can only imagine the endless possibilities when a permanent school structure is available for our next generation of leaders.

The JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort and I are proud to

be supporters of Marco Island Academy!

Sharon Lockwood

JW Marriott Marco Island


I have only lived on Marco for a short time, just over a year, but I have been so impressed with what Marco Island Academy has done in such a short time. When I saw the building campaign, I knew I had to be involved. At first, it was just helping the school with the integration of IT and security into the design. As I got to see first hand the value and the benefits of MIA it became clear to me I had to find a way to help in a much larger way. MIA is a critical resource for Marco Island.  Though the majority of the people who move here are retired, we still have a very good percentage of families with children.  Providing a place for all of our children to learn, thrive and become a part of our incredible community is so important to the long term success of our community. The children of our families should not have to be bussed for an hour or more each way to go to High School. Additionally, MIA has provided an environment where the kids can grow and find themselves, as well as thrive and excel, look at the performance of the school and the ratings, not many established schools can even claim this success.”


Mark Melvin


"We have been coming to Marco Island since the early 1980’s.  While living in Pennsylvania, we were very involved with a small Christian school that served the inner-city children in York.  This small school began with classes for Kindergarten through second grade — and was held in a local church.  Logos Academy is now in a permanent structure and educates children from K through 12.  This happened because of the special students who attended — and the support of the community.  After moving full-time to Marco Island in 2010, we were looking for a way to be involved in our new community.  The moment we heard about Marco Island Academy and discovered the wonderful opportunities being offered to the students of the island, we knew we wanted to become involved.  

We do not have children or grandchildren that will ever benefit from the wonderful education being offered at Marco Island Academy.  However, we feel very strongly that it is important to offer the students on the island (and all of Collier County, if they so desire) the opportunity to choose MIA as their high school.  We want to help these students achieve their dreams.

Marco Island Academy is a high-performing school of excellence !!!  This success is directly related to the special relationship between the students, the dedicated staff, the strong and talented teachers, and the community.  We would like to invite every island resident (whether full or part-time) to join us in our support of the capital campaign to build a permanent high school on the island.  The time has come — the time is NOW !!!

Scott and Brenda Rhinehart

Bill and Karen Young

“I believe education is the gateway to the future for the children and our island.   A couple years ago, when Marco Island Academy's greatest need was to secure a permanent location,  I loaned the school $2,000,000 to purchase the land.  I always planned to forgive the loan and donate the land to the school. But I was waiting until the school proved it was ready to move forward with building a permanent campus.   That day has come.  Karen and I are very excited to have played a major role in helping MIA's dream become a reality. I hope you will join us!”

Bill and Karen Young

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