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  The new campus will feature 17 classrooms including state of the art lab space, a full gymnasium and stage, a soccer field, a concession stand, and a weight room. Together, we are truly about to make it happen, and mere words cannot begin to explain the gratitude we feel towards each and every one of you. Marco Island Academy will soon have a permanent home. We are almost there, so thank you for making our dream become a reality!




Although MIA is a small school, arts and athletics play a huge role in our program. The performing arts department hosts multiple opportunities for our students to showcase their talent through the Thespian Society, Talent Shows, and the annual musical production.  In addition, many of our top students compete in up to three different sports teams throughout the year. We offer cross country, football, golf, volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, tennis, swimming, baseball and track to our students. Since we do not have our own athletic facilities, we lease field and gym space at other locations in the community. 


The MIA Arts and Athletics Facility will provide a permanent home for our athletics, performing arts, and other extracurricular activities.  It will also provide a safe and secure central location on campus for our students. The new facility will include a gymnasium, boys and girls locker rooms, and a stage and venue for performances.  It will also host volleyball, basketball and cheerleading teams and conditioning for all our athletes, as well as pep rallies, school musicals, award ceremonies, school dances, and graduation.  Our students will finally have a place to call home. 




Our Academic Center  will be a state-of-the-art facility that blends the synergies between Science, 

Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, (STEM) with the Arts and Humanities to create a true STEAM program, in a three story 25,000 sf plus collaborative learning environment.  

The entry into the new Academic Center will be the main entrance into the building and campus. The two-story curved glass lobby will be the new entry for all visitors with a dedicated student entry on the south side from the main perimeter drive.  This center will provide students with an ideal setting to explore each area of study including Math, Science, English, History, Spanish, and the Arts.  The new building will also feature classrooms with modern labs including the latest technology for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering.  The Performing Arts classroom will be set up to encourage and engage creativity in students. The Fine Arts classroom will have flexible seating to allow for collaborative work among students. 

The facility will feature an outdoor rooftop dining area for students and faculty called "The Jim and Shirley Balk Student Lookout Lounge".  "The Luke and Alexandra (Iordanou) Allery Rooftop Vertical Garden" will adorn the adjacent wall and provide opportunities for the students to grow and cultivate plants. 


The Academic Center joins the Arts and Athletics facility to allow the students to learn the important role of what a healthy mind and body achieve.  Direct access between Academics, Arts, and Athletics will be accommodated throughout the seasons and all weather. 


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Our third and final phase will be the construction of an athletic field, fitness center, locker rooms, bleachers, concessions and restroom facilities. During this phase we will  remove all of the existing portable classrooms, and  complete all of the site work. The athletic field at MIA will provide a location for students to practice soccer, football, cheerleading, and host all of our soccer games. The fitness center will contain weight training and cardio equipment for our athletes. School spirit will increase as our students will finally have a home field. We will celebrate the wins and learn from the losses, while never forgetting the most important part is to grow every step of the way. These experiences will provide opportunities for teamwork and memories to last a lifetime. 



Naming Opportunities Still Available

Field Turf                                                                $     600,000

Field Lights                                                             $    300,000

Technology                                                             $     180,000

Video Surveillance                                             $     150,000

Boys Locker Room (Athletic Field)             $       75,000

Classroom  Furniture (per room)                 $    50,000

Gym / Theater Floor Seating                          $    50,000

Projection Screen and Projector                  $    50,000


Housewarming Campaign
Gifts from $5,000 - $49,999 will be applied toward the following needs
and will be recognized  on the Honor Roll in the reception area.


•Technology                                $180,000                          

•Video Surveillance                    $150,000                 

•Furniture  (per room)               $  50,000

•Appliances                                 $  50,000

ThorGuard                                 $  25,000                  


 •Gym/Theater Floor Seating    $ 50,000                



• Volleyball systems                 $  10,000             


• Turf                                           $600,000

• Field Lights                              $300,000 

• Field Nets                                $  25,000              

Field Render - 9.08.21 rev.jpg



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